University of Wollongong

Art Pavilion

Wollongong, NSW
Edmiston Jones
Project Budget


This two-phase project involved an Early Works Package of Relocating Demountable Buildings, followed by a detailed Demountable Refurbishment.

ABOUT the Build

This two-phase project involved the decommissioning, dismantling and relocation of four demountable buildings from a site within the University of Wollongong, to their new location adjoining the Creative Arts Pavilion.  The new site had to be prepared and cleared ready for the buildings, existing services had to be identified and a crane lift was coordinated.

The final stage of the project works involved the fitout of the four demountable buildings to repurpose as Art Studios, and included the construction of an enclosed common area with raked ceiling, with access to each studio from newly constructed stair ramps and decks.

The transformation of the space is incredible.  The expanded Art Pavilion provides more space for art, along with new opportunities to learn, create, discover and engage.